LIHAN Participates in SCW and CEC/ICMC 2019

August 01, 2019

In late July, the main R&D team of Lihan Cryogenics attended Space Cryogenics Workshop and the International Cryogenic Engineering Conference held in Connecticut, USA.These conferences are good opportunities to follow up the recent development of cryogenic technology and related applications. Communications with world-renowned scholars and companies have also expanded our field of vision. We hope to make more contributions to our cryogenic society and look forward to more international cooperation.

The 29th Space Cryogenics Workshop, sponsored by NASA and the Cryogenic Society of America, was held from July 18 to 20,. It mainly discusses the cryogenic refrigerators, cryogenic liquid storage and other related fields around space applications, which is the core technical conference in the field of space cryogenics. Lihan Cryogenics is also the silver sponsor of this workshop.

CEC&ICMC-2019 was held from July 21 to 25. It is an important international conference to share the knowledge and discuss about cryogenic technology and applications.The conference topics include large and small cryogenic refrigeration technology, ultra-low temperature technology, superconducting magnet cooling technology and related applications which include electric transportation, hydrogen energy utilization, nuclear fusion and quantum computing, etc.More than 400 scholars and technicians from America, Europe and Asia participated in the conference.

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